Buzz Coil Ignition Module

A basic multi-spark ignition module for hobby model engines

Basic Kit - $32.50

Assembled & Tested - $65

What's a "buzz coil"?  It's very similar to the TIM-6 ignition module except that instead of generating one spark for each power stroke, the buzz coil can generate dozens for each power stroke (200 per second - duration depends on the "dwell angle").  This greatly improves combustion for slower hit-and-miss or older engines that may not have much compression.   The new PCB is slightly larger than Jerry's original and displays part outlines and labels for easier assembly.  Also included are terminal blocks to make wire hookup much easier.

The "Buzz Coil" is so named because old units (i.e. Ford's Model T) were mechanical that also incorporated the coil, and they "buzzed" when they were activated.  Our "Buzz Coil" replaces the mechanical relay of the old units. A separate coil is still required.

For use with 6 to 12 volt batteries and coils, negative ground.  It even works with an alkaline 9v "smoke alarm" battery when paired with the 6/12v ATV Coil (COIL-UR), but don't count on the battery lasting very long, maybe a few hours.

NOTE: The final NTE2312 switches the coil on the NEGATIVE connection, therefore, the ignition battery negative CANNOT be connected to the engine frame when using coils with common ground windings (3-wire connections).

Kit contains:

Can be used with "points" or a Hall sensor & magnet setup (sold separately).  For points, note this module activates when points are CLOSED.  If you need a setup to fire when points  OPEN, check into using the TIM6.  

For hit & miss engines, order an extra Hall sensor and magnet if you wish to use the "spark saver" option.  This feature prevents the ignition from firing while the engine is "coasting", greatly increasing the life of your battery (details included in the instructions).

Download the BuzzCoil assembly, install and operation instructions PDF here ==> BUZZCOIL.pdf

Bench test your system before installing on your engine!  See our blog entry here ===> BuzzCoil Module / ATV Coil Bench Test 


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