DG-508 COP and Connector

Starting in the '90's, automobile manufactures started using a small ignition coil for each engine cylinder instead of one large coil with a distributor and bulky ignition wires. These small coils mounted directly over the spark plug, and thus the acronym of COP - Coil Over Plug.  

This is a replacement coil for use in some 1997-2011 Ford vehicles.   It has been tested with our ignition modules and produces a very good spark with just 6 or 12 volts, and should work fine on most any model engine. Note that the primary resistance is slightly lower than the Power Keg and the ATV coil.  This means it will draw more amps from the ignition module (and battery), and should work just fine with the BuzzCoil and PICTIM ignition modules, but *may* overheat the TIM6 on extended runs unless excess dwell is eliminated in your ignition trigger setup.

The coil includes a power connector.  One wire in the base of the connector contains a red rubber gasket.  This is the positive.  The negative is a common for both coil windings, and thus it needs to be connected to the ignition module negative AND grounded to the engine head.  Connect the spark plug using a standard 12v 1/4" female spade connector (you probably have one in your garage tool box) with our "High Voltage" ignition wire and appropriately sized plug clip on the other end.

These coils are enclosed in a plastic cylinder and potted with epoxy. This makes them very rugged and oil/fuel proof.

Specifications (approximate):

 DG-508 COP and Connector

Item#: COIL-CP


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