S/S Model Engine Coil

(3-wire version shown above)

This coil may be used on all of our IC engines. (see www,model-engine-plans.com for more details on our engine plans)

This is a compact, quality USA built coil. It contains three prongs at one end, one for +, one for -, and the third for the spark plug. These coils are surrounded by a cardboard housing and epoxy-filled, making them very durable. The perfect coil if space is tight. Made in USA!

Specifications (approximate):

  • Size: 1" Diameter by 1.250" long

  • Weight: 1.2 oz

  • Primary resistance: 0.9 ohm

  • Secondary resistance: 5K Ohms,

  • Operating voltage: 3 to 6 volts DC

Note: the 4-wire option will contain two terminal tabs for the primary, and 2 exposed wires for the secondary (isolated windings). Either one will work just fine in most all applications.

Item#: COIL-M


Price: $45