Dynatec style "Super" Coil

This is the new Dynatec style coil from China. The primary input winding is 1.5 to 2 ohms, and the secondary winding can output 30,000+ volts, producing a very robust spark using minimal battery consumption. Mass-produced coils with a primary winding in the 1-2 ohm range have been difficult for us to find, and these work great with all of our ignition modules, 6 or 12 volts.

It comes as a single output (single cylinder engine) or dual output (two cylinder engine), but either could be used in most any configuration, as the dual output version simply contains an isolated primary and secondary winding where the ends of the secondary winding are the spark plug outputs themselves (like a 4 wire coil). The single output version has one end of each winding tied together internally to form a common ground (like a 3 wire coil) and is marked as negative (-) in the photo above. Do NOT use the coil frame for grounding.

Click here to watch our youtube video of the dual output coil in action with our Buzzcoil ignition module using a 9v smoke alarm battery. The spark easily jumps a 1/2" gap, and could possibly do more! Therefore it can easily jump two spark plug gaps at the same time for twin cylinder engines.

The downside is that these coils are physically larger than what most hobbyist would want to use in their engines, but that's why they are such good performers. Most builders put the electrics in a wooden base underneath the engine, so in most cases, it's size really won't matter.

Specifications (approximate):

  • Size: L=4.5", W=3", H=2"

  • Weight: 13 oz

  • Primary resistance: 1.5-2.0 ohm

  • Secondary resistance: 13K ohms

  • Input voltage: 6 to 12 volts DC

  • Output voltage: 30,000+ volts

Does not include any wires. Common automotive plug wire and connectors can be used at the spark plug output side, and stranded 16-20 AWG wire can be used for the "module to coil" input connections.

For general, installation and operating information, view or download the CoilPrimer.PDF on the prior page.

We recommend using high voltage wire for connections to the spark plug and engine head (coil's secondary winding leads). If high voltage wire is not used, make sure these wires are kept as far apart from each other, and other wires, as possible, or risk the spark jumping directly from one wire to another, effectively shorting your spark plug, or even damaging your ignition electronics. Yes - even if the wires are insulated, a spark can jump through it!


Dynatec style "Super" Coil

Item#: COIL-DS