Rimfire VR2L Spark Plug

These are the Rimfire brand Long Reach 1/4-32 spark plugs by Paul Knapp. On many engines, the regular reach plugs don't allow the spark gap to be as close to the combustion chamber as it should be. These not only put the spark closer to the combustion chamber, but because the porcelain insulator inside the body is longer, the plug will run a little hotter and cleaner. I am sure these will make a lot of model engines run better than ever. Rimfire plugs have ceramic insulators and the ground strap is part of the body, not an add on that can fall off. The plugs are 1.080" overall length and they are .350" long from under the body to and including the ground strap. The plugs come in a nifty little screw cap vial. They also come with one copper gasket (.031" thick).

Rimfire VR2L Spark Plug

Made in the USA!



Medium Spark Plug Clip

For the RIMFIRE Plug

Item: CLIP-M


Silicone Spark Plug Boot

For the RIMFIRE Plug

Download and read the instructions before ordering: BootAssembly.pdf

Item#: RF-BOOT