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A compact, general purpose, medium duty small engine coil. Designed and built for small hobbyist engines. The exterior cylinder is durable and liquid-proof PVC with both ends capped in thermoplastic. 4 wire configuration with isolated windings. Built in the USA!

Specifications (approximate):

  • Size: 1" diameter by 1.50" long

  • Weight: 1.4 oz

  • Primary resistance: 1.2 ohm

  • Secondary resistance: 5K ohms

  • Operating voltage: 3 to 6 volts DC

For general, installation and operating information, download this PDF ==> CoilPrimer.pdf

For coil kit required tools and assembly instructions, download this PDF ==> CoilKitInstructions.pdf

Make sure you have the required tools and that you understand the instructions BEFORE you purchase the kit version.

We recommend using high voltage wire for connections to the spark plug and engine head (coil's secondary winding leads). If high voltage wire is not used, make sure these wires are kept as far apart from each other, and other wires, as possible, or risk the spark jumping directly from one wire to another, effectively shorting your spark plug, or even damaging your ignition electronics. Yes - even if the wires are insulated, a spark can jump through it!

Sometimes we have "deformed" coils that work perfectly fine, but are not real pretty and may not be liquid-proof. We sell these for $10 less at $39.00. Use the drop-down selector below.

The Power Keg Ignition Coil

Item#: COIL-PK

Price: $49