TIM6 Ignition Module

Basic Kit - $20.00


The TIM-6 is basically an amplifier.  It amplifies the signal from the Hall sensor several times until enough current can be sent to the coil.  See the YouTube demo here --> https://youtu.be/_9KI5MJ0zQo

For use with 6 volt batteries (or 4.8 minimum to 7 volts maximum), negative ground, on most IC model engines.  The final TIP42C transistor switches the coil positive connection.

"Dwell" (the amount of time the board is energized during each cycle) must be controlled by the installer.  Too much dwell will prematurely drain your battery and possibly overheat the ignition module and coil.  See this link ==>  Dwell

Kit contains:

  • (1) TIP42C Transistor
  • (1) 2N2907A Transistor
  • (4) Resistors
  • (1) LED Timing Light
  • (1) 3 Amp. 40 volt reverse polarity protection diode
  • (1) Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor
  • (1) Rare Earth Magnet
  • (1) Drilled Printed Circuit Board 

The circuit board is approximately 1.35" wide by 1.70" long. Just to the left of the circuit board is the Hall Effect sensor and the dot just above it is the rare earth magnet which is just 1/8" in diameter and 1/16" thick (3.2mm x 1.6mm).

Note: Due to component changes, some PCB holes will need to be drilled slightly larger.  Alternatively, some components like the diode can be "surface mounted".

Deluxe Kit - $25.00

Same as above, except also includes a PCB Screw Type Terminal Strip for ease of connecting or removing your battery, coil, and other wires.  Also available fully assembled and tested for $40.00.  Click the down-arrow in the order box below.


Note: Due to component changes, some PCB holes will need to be drilled slightly larger.  Alternatively, some components like the diode and terminal block can be "surface mounted".

Download the TIM-6 assembly, install and operation instructions PDF here ==> TIM6.pdf

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