PICTIM Ignition Module

Assembled w/PIC & Tested = $65
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 Kit: $30 + PIC: $10 = $40
(Kit version temporarily out-of-stock.  Assembled units ARE available)

What's a PICTIM?  It's a Peripheral Interface Controller Transistorized Ignition Module - fancy words for a microprocessor controlled ignition module.  This product is a collaborative effort between S/S Machine & Engineering LLC and Outpost Enterprises LTD - two of the largest providers of ignition modules for model engine enthusiast and builders.  

Our goal was to create one 6-12 volt module that can "do it all".  Heck, it will even operate on a 9v smoke alarm battery! See this YouTube video --> https://youtu.be/yHBO0y3P4e4

At the heart of the unit is a microprocessor that allows these capabilities:
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Efficient operation - minimizes battery consumption
  • Easy to setup (little to no "dwell" consideration)
  • Programmable
Being programmable allows us to support multiple functionality with the change of the microchip (PIC).  Current PIC offerings are:
  • the BASIC (B.3) chip, one spark per power stroke, for most general purpose low to mid RPM engines
  • the BUZZ (Z.3) chip, up to 50 sparks on each power stroke, ideal for slower hit & miss engines
        Download the PICTIM.pdf below for operation details of each PIC chip (page 5).

Possible future PIC offerings:
  • an ADVANCE chip, automatic ignition advance timing for higher performance engines
  • a rev limiter, to prevent an engine from RPM red-lining
Purchase more than one chip, and you can change the operation of your ignition module just by swapping PIC chips!

Kit contains:
  • (1) FGI 3040G2 IGBT Transistor
  • (1) 2N4124 NPN Transistor
  • (6) Resistors
  • (1) LED Timing Light
  • (4) Capacitors
  • (4) Diodes
  • (1) Drilled Printed Circuit Board
  • (2) Screw Terminal Blocks
  • (1) Microchip 12F683 microprocessor (select at least one PIC chip from the second drop-down box)

Designed for negative ground applications only. The circuit board is approximately 1-1/4" wide by 1-3/4" long.  Since many builders connect these to their "points" system, the kit does NOT include a Hall sensor or magnet as these may not be needed.  However, if you are not using "points", be sure to order a Hall and magnet from the "Hall sensor and Magnets" section.  

For hit & miss engines, order an extra Hall sensor and magnet if you wish to use the "spark saver" option.  This feature prevents the ignition from firing while the engine is "coasting", greatly increasing the life of your battery (details included in the instructions).

  • The final IGBT transistor switches the coil on the NEGATIVE connection, therefore, the ignition battery negative CANNOT be connected to the engine frame when using coils with common ground windings (3-wire connections).   
  • Being micro-processor controlled, this ignition module is more susceptible to EMI (electro-magnetic interference) from the ignition coil.  Be sure to mount coil on the opposite side of the engine from the PICTIM and/or carefully shield the PICTIM from the coil with sheet metal.

Download the PICTIM assembly, install and operation instructions PDF here ==> PICTIM.pdf
Also, see our blog entry for PICTIM bench testing and troubleshooting 

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If you have an idea for a custom programmed PIC, contact allen@outpostenterprises.com for a quote.