CDI Ignition System

We are now a dealer for S/S CDI Ignition Systems.  So what is a Capacitor Discharge Ignition?  Without getting too technical, it uses capacitor discharge current to a small internal coil to fire the spark plug.

  • No external coil needed.
  • Faster than conventional induction coil ignitions (external coils with primary and secondary windings).
  • Hot spark!
  • Better suited to high performance engines.
S/S CDI Features:
  • 5 volts.  4 lightly used AA batteries work nicely.
  • "Buzz" option.  Just attach between CDI and Hall connector.
  • Completely assembled in 2.5" x 1.5" x 1" enclosure.
  • Electronics are embedded in epoxy; more impervious to moisture and liquid spills.
  • Includes 12" ground lead and 10 Kv spark plug wire; 6" battery & switch leads w/Futaba connectors.
  • LED is mounted at enclosure and can be extended with optional extension LED.
  • Just add the batteries, switch (points, Hall, etc), and spark plug!
  • Recommended operating voltage - 4.8 volts DC
  • Operating voltage range - 4.2 to 6.0 volts DC
  • Requires external triggering device (Hall, points, micro-switch, etc)
  • Maximum Sparks Per Minute = 12,000
  • Futaba 3 wire connector:
    • Black = Battery Ground
    • Red = Battery Positive
    • White = Logic HIGH output (NOTE: Never apply voltage to the White wire!)

Download the CDI installation and operation instructions PDF here ==> CDI.pdf
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Basic S/S CDI

Item#: CDI
Price: $75.00
"Buzz" Option Board
w/Points Lead Option

(click images to enlarge)

Price: $20.00

Extension LED

Price: $5.00

4x1 AA Cell Holder
w/Futaba Connector

Price: $6.00

Hall Sensor
w/Futaba Connector & Magnet

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Price: $8.50

Battery Switch
w/Futaba Connectors
(switch may NOT appear as shown)

Price: $8.00