Our ignition systems operate on 6 volts (and some up to 12), and most any 6 volt power supply configuration will work. Four "AA" alkaline cells in a Radio Shack battery holder will do the job in most cases.  Four "C" or "D" cells will allow your ignition to run even longer.  Heck, our BuzzCoil and PICTIM ignition modules will run for several hours on a household 9v smoke alarm battery!  (See youtube video --> )

However, most hobbyist opt for something that can supply more amps to last much longer, such as a 6 volt sealed lead acid battery rated at 4 or 5 amp hours such as these:

These batteries are relatively heavy, more expensive to ship, and can be considered "hazardous" material.  Fortunately, they are readily available on-line or can usually be obtained locally.  For these reasons, we do not offer them here.